When you’re choosing your fleet, it’s good to read the views of other people who’ve been in your shoes. We’re delighted to share the experiences of one of our key clients below. If you’d like to know more or are happy to tell us about your Land Rover fleet experience, and how it’s helped your business grow, we’d be pleased to hear from you. Please speak with your Land Rover Fleet & Business Specialist or contact our Business Centre on 00 350 200 75149.




Jonathan Crocker from Accurist

Jonathan Crocker joined London watchmaker Accurist as CEO at the end of 2012. For a relatively small business of 52 people, Accurist has a good proportion of outbound employees, whose role it is to represent the brand throughout the entire UK & Ireland, irrespective of the weather or terrain.

"We’re passionate about design and creating timepieces that say the right thing about the wearer," says Jonathan "We want people to associate our watches with true British design. And I believe the best companies instil a strong sense of identity in everything they do, right down to the clothes they wear and the vehicles they drive."

Of course Accurist’s fleet doesn’t just need to represent the history and the evolution of their brand: it also has to be cost effective, comfortable, safe, efficient and reliable with cars that people want to own and drive. The company’s choice? A fleet of 50 Land Rovers. "What has impressed me is how much attention we have received. We didn’t buy top of the range models, but we’ve been treated like a VIP client."

"When choosing the models, I took the decision to have initially one model, Freelander, that we bought into at different specifications for different team members, from SE through to HSE. To add a further layer of brand identity all were chosen in black. It’s a beautiful fleet that our company car drivers really appreciate."

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