LANTRA is the National Training Organisation for the land-based and environmental sector. LANTRA works closely with the HSE to ensure that all training reflects up-to-date safe working practices.

Land Rover Experience Centres offer an established curriculum that prepares candidates to pass an assessment and apply their training in their work. Our students earn qualifications that conform to all HSE and PUWER regulations and graduates receive a Skills ID card that can be renewed and updated as they gain additional skills and qualifications. They also enjoy the confidence and assurance that they earned their LANTRA qualification with Land Rover.

Land Rover Experience Centres are all LANTRA-certified training centres and can provide a wide portfolio of accredited courses including:

  • Off-road driving
  • Trailer handling
  • ATVs
  • Vehicle recovery


British Off-Road Driver Association (BORDA) authorised qualifications courses ensure that users understand how to safely and effectively operate specialist off-road vehicles on challenging terrain.

The training categories are:

- Off-road driving

- BORDA do not offer trailer specific courses


- BORDA do not offer recover courses, although their winch courses are a type of vehicle recovery

- Winching

“Better trained users take better care of their tools and equipment”. BORDA qualifications help reduce the costly and time-consuming result of vehicles becoming stranded or damaged. The Land Rover Experience course helps operators to maximise fleet reliability and minimise total cost of ownership.

Participants will learn:

- Techniques for equipment control that ensure safe usage;

- Skills for ground reading and obstacle-recognition

- Requirements for daily equipment checks and maintenance


The British Off-Road Driving Association (BORDA) is the UK’s only professional association dedicated to off-road driving. As a long-standing member, Land Rover Experience Centres are committed to best practice and undergo rigorous accreditation programmes and regular inspections.

Our BORDA courses are recommended for drivers who must operate regularly on challenging terrain, often in adverse weather conditions, and for those who may need to perform vehicle recoveries. It is particularly advisable for employers whose personnel are required to handle winche’s and ATV’s to ensure that they provide training that meets PUWER’s legal requirements.

Land Rover Experience offers bespoke training courses at any location, on any vehicle. To find out more please contact your nearest LRE Centre.

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